Babol University Of Technology

I started my PhD in 2014 in Babel university of technology, my field is design and implementation of some devices are using for industrial applications. other field is modelling and control of new generation wind turbines called airborne wind turbine ( this field just started in 2013).  also i work in a Knowledge based company of my own. I think the missing part in Iran is using science for implementation mid tech and low tech devices.  if we can use our knowledge to build some devices we can make some Occupation and make our youth community satisfy. I deeply believe and showed that we can Do what ever we want.

My thesis title: Design And Implementation Of MPC – fuzzy – MIMO Controller for matrix converter based DFIG wind turbine

some of my scores

  • neural network: 20 
  • Fuzzy Control: 20
  • Optimal control: 19.75
  • MPC control: 18.75